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Charlie Sheen's 'helper doc' as repulsive as he is
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By Andrea Peyser
November 18, 2015

Charlie Sheen's 'helper doc' as repulsive as he is

Bimbos, beware. Charlie Sheen isn’t finished yet.

The put-away-wet actor revealed Tuesday that he has an enabler helping him procure women — and possibly men — for bareback fun: Dr. Robert Huizenga of Beverly Hills.

Only in Hollywood does a guy have a cheering section when he goes to bed with a loaded gun in his shorts.

With his sallow complexion and rotting teeth, Sheen, 50, appeared on the “Today’’ show looking like a one-night stand you desperately want to forget. But, like heartburn or a nasty social disease, the doofus just keeps popping up.

Sheen revealed to a compliant Matt Lauer that, about four years ago, he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. It was a snore of a disclosure from a guy who has boasted that he’s done a sick amount of drugs and bedded 5,000 women, at least some of whom presumably weren’t hookers.

But then, he gave us something more shocking. Sheen said he’d had condom-less sex after his diagnosis.

“But the two people I did it with were under the care of my doctor,’’ he said.

Since when does a physician perch himself at a patient’s bedside and toss out pointers about doing the deed without getting someone sick, or getting sued?

Dr. Huizenga, or Dr. H as he’s known on the TV show “The Biggest Loser,” shoved his curly-haired head in front of the cameras and feigned concern that his meal ticket could relapse into drug abuse.

Sheen said he has paid hookers and other vermin more than $10 million to keep their lips zipped, money that, he whined, was ripped from his kids and granddaughter!

I wonder: Why does this dangerous clown still have access to children?

He went unchallenged when he told Lauer he didn’t know how he contracted HIV. And risky behaviors? “Negative,’’ said Sheen. “You talking about needles, all that stuff?”

Lauer never asked him if he’d had sex with men.

I suspect that if Sheen thought he contracted HIV from a woman, he would have shouted that piece of information.

How did Sheen contract HIV? A better question is — why would anyone touch him?

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