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'Feminist' Hillary Clinton is simply a fool
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By Andrea Peyser
April 10, 2015

'Feminist' Hillary Clinton is simply a fool

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first dame ever to have clawed her way to the dizzying heights of American politics through a combination of ruthless cunning and the unabashed pity doled out by gullible voters, most of them Democrats.

She’s a lady whose star power is not based on her intellect or contributions to the common good, but on her willingness to excuse randy husband Bill Clinton for turning her into a fool.

Widely considered the Democratic Party’s best hope for keeping the White House in 2016, the former first lady, US senator from New York and secretary of state sets a rotten example for her sisters everywhere.

So why can’t feminists, Hillary’s fellow Democrats and even some Republicans face the truth? Supporting the candidacy of this calculating symbol of Tammy Wynette’s song “Stand By Your Man’’ represents a grotesque insult to the fair sex.

In the new book “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House,’’ political journalist Kate Andersen Brower writes that during the height of former President Bill Clinton’s 1990s sex scandal with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky, a maid who arrived to clean the master White House bedroom was shocked to find the bed covered in blood.

Bill Clinton insisted that the blood was his, saying publicly that he hurt himself by running into the bathroom door late at night. White House staffers didn’t buy it.

“We’re pretty sure [Hillary Clinton] clocked him with a book,’’ one former worker was quoted by Brower as saying.

But why was this bloodbath dredged up now? The cynic in me thinks that these kinds of stories are planted by Hillary fans ahead of her still-unannounced run for the Democratic nomination for president because they demonstrate that the hyper-controlled and seemingly emotionless Hillary might actually have a pulse.

That evidently was not the case, according to Hillary’s old pal Diane Blair, a political-science professor from Arkansas who died of lung cancer in 2000.

She wrote about her friend in papers unearthed last year, recounting that Hillary called Lewinsky, her chief rival for Bill’s affections, “a narcissistic loony tune.’’ And Hillary partly blamed her own failings as a wife for driving her husband to stray with another woman, albeit one perched on her knees.

Hill gave Bill a pass.

“I find her impulse to blame the ‘Woman’ . . . troubling,” wrote Lewinsky, who recently reinvented herself as a fighter against cyberbullying, in a Vanity Fair magazine essay published last year. For once, the ridiculous Lewinsky, now 41 — who like Hillary, 67, refuses to fault Bill, 68, for exercising his insatiable libido — made a valid point.

But if the women around the former president could halt their catfighting for just a minute, we might see that Hillary sets back the battle for “girl power’’ by ­decades.

One of Hillary’s closest advisers is Huma Abedin, 38, whose own credibility as a feminist crusader was shot after her laughingstock of a husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner, 50, repeatedly and compulsively exchanged Internet sexts with females young enough to be his daughters — even sending out pictures of his nimble manhood. Yet in true Hillary style, Abedin has forgiven her deranged spouse.

If elected president, Hillary will be 69 years and 86 days old when sworn into office in 2017, the second-oldest person installed as chief executive, after Ronald Reagan, who was 263 days older when he took office in 1981.

Hillary’s current scandal — private e-mails she sent out while serving as secretary of state have been deleted — has not seemed to jazz up large numbers of voters against her (despite a new Quinnipiac University poll showing she has lost ground to leading Republican presidential candidates in two key swing states). I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of a woman who served as her husband’s chief bimbo-enabler.

I worry about this country.

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