Andrea Peyser with Nelson Mandela

"Growing up in Queens in the 1970s was a little like death, except less interesting," Andrea Peyser wrote in a 2004 column lamenting the untimely demise of Johnny Ramone, one of Andrea's local heroes while growing up.

She was born in Manhattan and lived briefly in the Bronx, before Andrea's parents, immigrants from Europe by way of Israel, settled in Bayside, Queens. There, Andrea learned to ride a bike and take the subway back into Manhattan. In between, she managed to graduate from Bayside High School, and then from the state University of New York.

Andrea started her career in upstate New York with the Associated Press in Albany, then the AP bureau in Charleston, W.Va. She has worked for CNN in Atlanta, and the Tampa Tribune in Florida, before finally returning home to the New York Post, where she started as a reporter. She was named columnist in 1993.

Andrea Peyser at the Friar's Club

Her columns have won awards from the Newswomen's Club of New York, the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, and the New York State Associated Press, which named her Columnist of the Year for 2004/5.

She is author of "Mother Love, Deadly Love: The Susan Smith Murders" (HarperCollins.) She has been profiled in "Mademoiselle" and "New York" magazines, and her work has appeared in publications ranging from "Cosmopolitan" and "Glamour" to the late "George."

Andrea lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Mark Phillips, and daughter, Eliza. She also has made peace with Queens, and visits quite frequently.

Andrea Peyser with Eric Breindel and Scott McConnell Andrea Peyser holds up the Fuji Blimp! Andrea Peyser in Johanesburg

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